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Sidra ([personal profile] sidra) wrote2010-09-03 01:07 am


I installed iTunes 10. First impression? I hate the new icon.

Second impression? Ping is pretty useless with only 14 artists available to follow.

Third impression? It's amazingly hard to distill "Music I Like" into a mere 10 songs. I finally came up with 10, but it's amazing how much of my music library is *not* represented.

I tried to pick songs that represented artists for whom I have and enjoy much of their work. No one-hit wonders.

1. Sleepwalker | For Your Entertainment | Adam Lambert

I love every song on his album. It's the highest rated album in my iTunes Library. I've only got one of his albums so far, but that's not my fault :)

2. Jigue | Try Anything Once | Alan Parsons

The Alan Parsons Project was the first band/artist that I was ever a true fan of. It was a hard decision to go with this or "The Eagle Will Rise Again", but one of APs strengths is their instrumentals so I picked this one.

3. In Pieces | Unbreakable | Backstreet Boys

Almost impossible to pick a single favorite, but I wanted one from the latest album. It's a bonus track, but I love it.

4. Affirmation | Affirmation | Savage Garden

Represents Darren Hayes as well. "I Believe"

5. Blasphemous Rumors | Catching Up with Depeche Mode | Depeche Mode

One of the few bands that I listened to between college and recently, when I got back into the pop music scene.

6. Hello | Fallen | Evanescence

"Don't try to fix me, I'm not broken"

7. Burning Times | Wytches | Inkubus Sukkubus

I was looking for artists for whom I had more than just a few songs, and I have a lot of Inkubus Sukkubus although I haven't listened to them much lately.

8. ADLIDAS | Schizophrenic | JC Chasez

He also represents all of my NSYNC songs. I would have chosen "Until Yesterday" but it's no longer available on the iTunes store. Actually, "Not Sleeping Alone" is my favorite from the unreleased album.

9. Because of You | Breakaway | Kelly Clarkson

The only song I've ever talked to my therapist about :)

10. F**k You | It's Not Me, It's You | Lily Allen

Not only is Lily Allen great, but there's a fantastic fan video out there of this song: