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posted by [personal profile] sidra at 02:35pm on 15/11/2011
I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about.

This is not the first time (!) she has over-ruled other people's contributions, and hindered development because her pet project (Yuletide) must consume all the energies of AD&T.

I don't know what this quote means, or where it comes from. Or what it has to do with anything I said in my post.

Add Systems to that list, then. It was clear that you Systems people value the AO3 over other projects (notably Fanlore), but I did try to give you the benefit of the doubt.

I have no idea why you think systems values ao3 over fanlore, considering the huge amount of work we've put in lately on fanlore, and the emergency fixes we've put in just this week.

Oh, but us meanies demand personal apologies, signed, notarized, and sent via hard copy! All I have ever asked for in this election cycle is respect for the work non-AO3 staff and volunteers are doing.

This post had nothing at all to do with elections. It had to do with the last deploy and the fallout from it, specifically lim resigning and hele's apology from the board about the quality of the last deploy.

And as I said to [personal profile] impertinence, this post was not in response to people asking for apologies but in response to two specific apologies that were already made. I didn't know you *had* demanded an apology for the last deploy.

I also asked that responsibility be taken by AD&T on rushing a release for Yuletide, and ignoring bug reports that were made by testers.

I'm sorry you're unhappy about the deploy. I'm sorry you think we rushed a release. I'm sorry you think we're ignoring bug reports.

I stand by my statement. I don't agree that we rushed this release. If anything it was delayed. I don't agree that we ignored bug reports made by testers. You cannot delay releases indefinitely until you fix every bug.
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posted by [personal profile] onceamy at 02:43pm on 15/11/2011
That quote is my own, taken from my latest post on the whole situation. I should have linked to it.

I will send you a private email regarding Fanlore, as I do not want to air out dirty laundry.

Also in my post is a personal recount of testing and finding the mobile skins bug in September, which I reported to a proxy. It was not fixed.
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posted by [personal profile] esteefee at 12:50am on 16/11/2011
>I will send you a private email regarding Fanlore, as I do not want to air out dirty laundry.<

I'm sorry, but vague, unsupported insinuations don't stand. We don't have to be specific to be honest.

There are only two open Fanlore tickets. One of which Systems has been working on for days now fixing the various parts of, and the other of which was opened just the other day and only because I looped back on a dropped thread and urged you guys to open it, and is waiting for our Weds work meeting. (It's an install that might take some time.)

We respond to Fanlore tickets just as quickly as we do to any other tickets. I can honestly state without a twinge of discomfort that I treat all tickets the same. I am ticket agnostic; I really could give a damn who they are for. I'm more concerned with how critical they are for the continuing function of whatever system they impact. That's *all* I care about upon first glance. Is a system down? That ticket gets top priority. Is a system bogging down into near decrepitude? Definitely higher priority than an OJS upgrade. That's how a sysadmin thinks.

After that: easy tickets that take two minutes then get done fast to get them out of the way (we're talking volunteer intake tickets and the like).

Then we take on the others, the updates and the upgrades and the backups and the improvements and the maintenance and infrastructure discussions, time depending.

But you know that, Amy. Please remember there's a reason Systems uses tickets. It's a record of everything people have asked us to do, and it's a record of everything you have said to us, and that we have said in return. We have it all down in black and white.
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posted by [personal profile] onceamy at 04:34am on 16/11/2011
We don't have to be specific to be honest.

Actually, I do, because there have been situations where I have noticed a definite lack of regard for Fanlore. I cannot comment on Journal's systems, or anything running internally, as I do not use it enough, but I can comment specifically on Fanlore.
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